Newsletter, May 2008

Dear Player,

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MacPool Tournament
This time, registration is FREE.
We all want to know who the best MacPool player is. So if you are interested, please read the rules and registration page. Don't miss this fun event.

Send a Game as a Gift
baKno's website now include an option to buy games as a gift. You can use it to send a game license to
a remote friend or family, who will receive an email with instructions to download and unlock his/her game.

New Upcoming Game
Very soon, we will be releasing a casino table game, with Texas Holdem as the first option. You can expect lots of fun in this new game which will come with baKno's signature on quality, graphics, options and online capabilities.

MacPool Radio
A great idea coming from one MacPool fan. Fiveshock Design created this site for the rest of us to have a cool game companion
. is a music stream with a mix of hits to satisfy a broad audience. Just give it a try.

Tip of the Month
When starting up SpacePig, if you press the option key (alt in Windows) you will see a transitional settings window to select the game resolution, graphics quality and input controls.

Thank you again for supporting our development efforts.

the baKno team

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