Newsletter, October 2007

Dear Player,

This is the first edition of our monthly newsletter. We are excited to bring you interesting information about our game releases and more, so we hope you enjoy this.

Domino 7.0
This new version comes with several new features such as tile color change, a scoreboard, a bigger table option and the long awaited 4 Players Online mode. Now, you can play one of the most exiting and challenging Dominoes version, the straight dominoes by couples. If you are a Domino player, you will have all these new features for free.

MacPool 8.2
By mid September, we launched 8.0 which included 8-Ball as the second Pool game, free to all our MacPool players. Now in 8.2, the 8-Ball game rules have been revised, the shooting line has been redesigned (read the tip of the month below), the communication protocol has been encrypted as a security measure, and, at the end of each online match, there is a timed auto-confirmation for the next game with the same opponent.

Automatic Update
If your game is Version 6.0 or above, you can have peace of mind because from that version on, all our games automatically update when the application is launched. If you have a lower version, please reply to this email and we will provide you with instructions.

Tip of the Month
When aiming your shoot in MacPool, hit the "L" key on your keyboard and you will see how the line width toggles between three different values.

baKno Community
We have added a forum functionality to our website. We want you to be part of a community of gamers like you and share your experiences, get help from other players and help as well. Please visit our baKno community and register now.

Thank you again for supporting our development efforts.

the baKno team

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