Newsletter, July 2008

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Game Coins
All our games now support Game Coins, priced at 10 US cents each, to play any baKno game. Game coins are the same old way to pay for gaming at the arcade, an alternative way to pay as you play, instead of purchasing a full license, and a convenient way to play all our games.

Kasino 2.0
This version includes an online gaming mode. You can take a seat now in this online casino table and play Texas Holdem with other 9 players from around the globe. The chat window allows you to send messages to all players at the same time. This upgrade is free as always.

Color Sudoku 9.0
All our games have gotten major releases this month, and Color Sudoku is the one with the most changes, including a redesigned window shape, new icon, new logo, new intro movie and new navigation buttons.
This upgrade is free as always.

Online Gaming Security
When playing online any baKno game, you can have peace of mind about your computer security. Our online gaming technology has been designed to insulate your computer 100% from any malicious code. No virus or attack is possible and your IP address is never shared.

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the baKno team

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