Newsletter, September 2008

Dear Gamer,

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New Game: Billiards
An offline 3D version of MacPool and Carambola (Snooker to be included). Billiards is built upon a 3D engine with more efficient physics calculations. It also allows to show the balls rotating, and real time shades and glares. This initial version does not come with online gaming yet.

Tico 2.1
Addictive falling blocks game with a unique set of shapes to organize. Tico will give you hours of entertainment. Version 2.1 includes a global score table for you to compare your playing skills against others. And now, you can pause the game by pressing the letter "P".

3D Anti-Aliasing
MacPinball version 5.1 significantly improves the graphics quality by applying "anti-aliasing" to smooth object's edges on your screen. This same technique is used in Billiards, and soon, we will be releasing a SpacePig version with improved graphics as well.

Games as Corporate Presents
If your company wants to send year-end gifts to special customers, a baKno game is the way to surprise them with something out of the ordinary.
We can arrange to show your company logo and message within the game. Just send us an email asking for our bulk licensing pricing.

Thank you again for supporting our developing efforts.

the baKno team

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