Newsletter, November 2008

Dear Gamer,

Thanksgiving Day is almost here, and we want to thank all of our customers for supporting baKno. This month we are releasing a new game, and two of our previous games have been ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

New Game: Gems
baKno’s newest release is an addictive match-three game with gorgeous graphics and a simple interface. Escape for hours with relaxing music and stunning colors as you maneuver gems to match three in a row. Customize by selecting your skill level or background image. Try it free now.

Billiards and SpacePig for iPhone and iPod Touch

These two popular games are now available to run on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and both games are offered on the App Store. Enjoy these games by opening your iTunes application, visiting the Billiards or SpacePig descriptions, and purchasing directly with your iTunes account.

Tip: Fullscreen Mode
baKno's 3D games such as Billiards, SpacePig and Gems, include an option to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode, by pressing "Ctrl-F." Because activating fullscreen mode decreases image quality, we recommend instead pressing the “Option” key while starting the game. This opens a window to change the graphics settings.

Xplorer Reminder
Customers are enjoying Xplorer, the exciting new game where you navigate around the globe searching for hidden objects. Enjoy a series of ten adventures, each with a list of random hidden objects to uncover while you work against the clock. Experience the vibrant graphics and an original music score. Try it free now.

Thank you again for supporting our developing efforts.

the baKno team

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