Newsletter, April 2009

Dear Gamer,

Be the first to discover our latest baKno game for the iPhone – the fun will be music to your ears. Coming soon, play all you want for a month and next, well – it’s up to you! Read on to find out.

TipTone for iPhone
TipTone is a fun musical instrument able to play 60 different notes in five full scales when you press one or more buttons simultaneously. The original toy is out of production, but now you can enjoy this game on your iPhone! A variety of well known tunes are included for you to follow and practice. For the optimal TipTone experience, we recommend you visit baKno’s practice page and follow the songs provided on a separate screen, or print them out.

Subscription Service

Exciting news! In the coming month we are planning to launch a subscription service, and we are currently upgrading all our games to support this feature. Once it’s live, you can purchase a "monthly subscription service” to get a personal key code that will work on all our Mac or Windows games, unlocking their unlimited functionality for one month.

Future Games Suggestions
Thanks to you, our customer, the baKno studio has published many games played by people all over the world. As a true gamer’s studio, we want to keep developing games and functionalities for you to enjoy. So now is your chance to give us your ideas: What game would YOU like baKno to develop? Email us your thoughts by replying to this email, or fill out our
contact form with your ideas. We can’t wait to hear from you!

MacPinball for iPhone
This mobile version has been submitted to Apple and soon it will be available on the App Store. We have finished porting our current games to work on the iPhone and now we are finally able to focus our efforts on new game developments.

Thank you again for supporting our developing efforts.

the baKno team

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