Newsletter, November 2007

Dear Player,

In this second edition of our monthly newsletter, we have very exciting news for you.

Coming soon...  MacPinball
A brand new game is in the works and almost ready to go public. Yes, a Pinball simulation, and also our first 3D game. You can play the pre-release version from this link MacPinball.  Please try it and send us your comments.

Best Shots Gallery
A new feature developed for MacPool and Carambola allows you to save your last shot to share with your friends and show off your skills. Just wait until all balls have stopped and press Command-S. The saved file is a Flash animation easy to share and publish on the web. If you ever get that great shot, remember to save it, and please send it to us so we can build a gallery (click on any of the links above to watch).

Free Upgrades
baKno provides new features to your current game for free, and they are automatically updated. If your game is Version 6.0 or above, you can have peace of mind because from that version on, all games auto-update when the application is launched. If you have a lower version, please reply to this email and we will provide you with instructions on how to get the latest version of your game for free.

8.5 Version for All Games
By the end of October, all games were updated to version 8.5, which means that they all share new common features such as: • New navigation buttons, • New white glowing look for scoreboards, • Bug-free unlocking functionality, and important improvements for Windows players, including: • Look and feel exactly as the Mac version, • Clean file organization, and more.

baKno Community
We want to remind you that there is a forum functionality in our website. Now, you can join a community of gamers like you and share your experiences, get help from other players and help others as well. Please visit our baKno community and register, it is free.

Thank you again for supporting our development efforts.

the baKno team

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