Newsletter, June 2009

Dear Gamer,

Summer is here, and baKno has been working hard to make yours more fun with some game enhancements. Read more about auto updates and background music, plus don’t forget to earn and redeem your baKno Game Coins. Happy Gaming!

Auto Updater on All Games
Last month we finalized an important migration that integrates our Auto Update technology into all baKno games, and it has been running smoothly. Specifically added to our 3D games (MacJong, Gems, Billiards, Keno Pool, SpacePig and MacPinball), they’ll now enjoy the same benefits of our 2D games – always being up-to-date. And in case you didn’t know, all baKno game updates are free. 

Redeem your Game Coins

Do you have extra baKno Game Coins? Exchange them for games now by visiting the Redeem Page. Wondering  how you can earn Game Coins? Two ways: Play baKno games and reach the first or second position by the end of the month (visit the Rewards Page to learn more). Or, you can recommend baKno games to your friends and receive Game Coins when they purchase (visit the Recommend Page to learn more).

PunkTrader Reminder
Test your trading skills in baKno’s new stock trading game, featuring real historical stock market price movements. PunkTrader randomly selects one of the 20 most actively traded stocks, and then takes you to 9:30 am Wall Street time, at the beginning of a random trading day within the last 5 years. Once the game starts, you’ll battle the price movements of the stock by buying and selling shares at will. Your sole objective is to make a profit – and you’ll use not only your keen predictive trader eye, but also a few helpful indicators included in the game.
Try it free.

Background Music
baKno games like MacJong, Gems, SpacePig and MacPinball feature a variety of background music songs. These songs are streamed from our servers and played in random order during your game. Because of this, the background music option was not available for offline play. Until now! This week, we have developed a way to integrate every played song into the game, making it available for online and offline sessions. This also saves internet consumption. The upgrade is free, just run the game to get it automatically.

Thank you again for supporting our developing efforts.

the baKno team

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