Newsletter, July 2009

Dear Gamer,

Don’t race through summer without taking advantage of an outstanding sale price on baKno’s Subscription Service and your chance to earn gamer fame. Plus, we’re giving you the inside track on an exciting new development – you get to come along for the ride. Read on to learn more.

Subscription Service - 50% Off
For a limited time, the Subscription Service has been reduced to $9.95 per month. When you purchase a Subscription Service, you will receive an email with a personal Key Code to unlock ALL baKno games (Mac or Windows) for the amount of months purchased, valid from the date of purchase or extending your current subscription. Buy subscriptions for yourself or as a gift for another person. baKno's Subscription Service is just another way to play your favorite baKno games. Enjoy! 

Halls of Fame

Some baKno games are capable of measuring your gaming skills either by a scoring table or a ranking system. Each of these games has a new section in our website called "Hall of Fame," which is intended to keep a historic record of the best players. Reach first or second position by the end of the month in Carambola, Gems, Keno Pool, MacPinball, MacPool, SpacePig or Tico, and your name will be engraved into the Hall of Fame.

Understanding the Registration Process
When purchasing a Game License, Game Coins or Subscription Service, you receive a set of credentials via email to unlock your purchase. These credentials consist of your Email Address and a Key Code that you enter into the game to unlock the unlimited version. At the moment of registration (when you hit "Unlock"), the game communicates with our server, and your credentials are matched with your computer's unique number. This is why only one license can only be played on a single computer. However, if you ever want to transfer your license because you changed or repaired your computer, just send us an email and we will reset your registration.

Coming Soon: Racing Game
We embarked on this ambitious project one month ago and are midway to completion. Our goal is to create a racing game that is enjoyable, with beautiful landscapes, smooth car handling and blasting fun – plus head-to-head competition against the computer or online against real people. Your feedback is important to us – after all, our work is for your enjoyment. So we want to give you a sneak peek of the game in its current state of development, and are asking for your feedback to make it the best it can be. Take it for a spin, and email us with your feedback. And remember, it is a work-in-progress.

Thank you again for supporting our developing efforts.

the baKno team

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