Newsletter, January 2008

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This monthly newsletter edition also comes with important information and great news.

Snooker Released
This game completes an All-Billiards simulations from baKno. MacPool with three well known American Pool games, Carambola is the classic French Billiards game and Snooker is the popular British Pool Game. As well as Carambola is included as an Add-On into MacPool, soon Snooker will be also included as an Add-On into MacPool.

MacPool 8.7
This version comes with a new Pool game for free: 14:1 Continuous Score. 14:1 is said to be the purest expression of Pool. Additionally, version 8.7 brings online gaming stability. Two of our most active players decided to give it a full test by playing 100 consecutive games in 8 hours. They have founded the exclusive "100G Club". Anyone joining?

MacPinball 2.6
Three different tables are now included into this new version. Additionally, we decided to differentiate the widget version from the application and now the widget is a lighter version to preview the full game. If you are a widget player with version 2.5, we invite you to download the universal binary application 2.6 from our website, the same key code that you received will unlock it.

Tip of the Month
To play Domino as an expert, first select the Big Table option, then select the Single Color Tiles option, then select the 9 pips set of tiles, then select a hand of 7 tiles per player and then play a 4 players Online Match. The game is played in couples. It takes a few minutes to understand it but years to master.

Best Shots Gallery
We have received more than 20 saved shots from different players around the world, and they are all in our Gallery, please take a look. This time the Shot of the Month is awarded to Joe Cannizzaro from Australia. If you ever get that great shot, just save it, and please send it to us so we can post it in the gallery. Wait until all balls have stopped and press Command-S (Ctrl-S on Windows).

Thank you again for supporting our development efforts.

the baKno team

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