Newsletter, February 2011

Dear Gamer

This month we have great news for our pool fans. A MacPool consolidation and a totally new Billiards game. Both with a significant price reduction.

Billiards 6.0

Major improvements came to this game. The user interface has been redesigned to a very easy to manipulate camera and shot, taking full advantage of the 3D view. Five different tables and cue sticks. And a totally new online gaming experience, with full motion and extra details updated in real-time. Please give it a try for free.


MacPool 11.0
When playing online, all games login to the same game-room. Additionally, Carambola and Snooker are no longer add-ons to the game. MacPool now includes all five games, and any of the three licenses will unlock it. If you previously purchased MacPool and any of the these add-ons, please let us know and we will exchange the add-on for a Billiards license.

Thank you again for supporting our developing efforts.

the baKno team

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