Newsletter, June 2011

Dear Gamer,

Always striving to listen and continually enhance your gaming experience, baKno brings you upgrades and more ways to enjoy your favorite titles in this month’s update.

Kasino 3.0
Initially it was released with Texas Holdem as the only game. Now it includes two more popular casino games: Blackjack and Slot Machine. As always, this update is free to all current Kasino license holders.Try it here.

Chess 3.0
This new version comes with a new faster engine which allows for an extra difficulty level. Chess 3.0 uses Stantard Algebraic Notation to keep track of each move, and it now saves and loads game files in Portable Game Notation. Included with the game is a collection of more than 15 thousand historic games from the most famous Chess players in the world. Try it here.

Motorbike 1.5
Our last creation is rapidly getting recognition and players are enjoying tracks created by other players. So far it has more than 200 tracks and new tracks are  added daily. This last version includes an amazing Replay feature which allows you to watch your skills in action and even save a movie so your friends can watch you too. We have used this feature to show how to finish all 40 original tracks. Try it here.

Thank you again for supporting our developing efforts.

the baKno team

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