Newsletter, Sept 2011

Dear Gamer,

Always striving to listen and continually enhance your gaming experience, baKno brings you upgrades and more ways to enjoy your favorite titles. Please remember, all updates are free.

Motorbike 2.0
Players love this game and they have created almost 400 tracks for all to enjoy. Version 2.0 includes four new amazing obstacles, an explosive bar that you can only touch with one wheel, and three automotive junk bodies. Additionally, Motorbike has been ported to the iOS and submitted to the AppStore. Try it here.

This new version comes with a long waited feature, a computer opponent. Now you can play all five Billiards games against a virtual player and improve your skills. Additionally, Billiards 7.0 comes with background music that completes the experience, and many other improvements. Try it here.

Tico 3.1
A few weeks ago we released a completely new Tico version 3.0 with a 3D view. This version was rewritten to support cool features such as background music, visual effects and iOS portability. Version 3.1 includes a new option called "Classic Mode" which let's you play Tico with familiar shapes. Try it here.

Thank you again for supporting our developing efforts.

the baKno team

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