Newsletter, February 2008

Dear Player,

This monthly newsletter is dedicated exclusively to MacPool and the newest version 9.0.

Deferred Match Mode
The most important change contained in this version is an interesting playing mode. By selecting this mode on the Settings tab you will be able to invite any person with an email address. The game will allow you to select contacts from your address book and edit a custom list also. When you invite someone, an email invitation will be ready to send on your email client application, and you will make your first shots.

The invited contact will receive an email with a link to play the game. If he/she already has the latest version, this link will open MacPool automatically with a prompt to accept the invitation, watch your shots and continue the game. Deferred Match Mode brings an exciting new feature: we can now share our games. In other words, the same link you use to play a deferred match, you can share it with others to watch a repetition. Just click here to see a sample.

MacPool Add-Ons
Snooker and 3-Balls games are Add-Ons to MacPool. This means that a separate key code is needed to unlock any of them. Price per each Add-On is half the price of MacPool and the same Key Code unlocks both the stand-alone application (Carambola or Snooker) and the Add-On to MacPool. There are two ways to unlock each game, either select a game on the Settings tab and go to the About tab, or go to the About tab and click the game title. You will see a pop-up menu with 3 options: MacPool, Carambola and Snooker.

MacPool Tournament
Several forum users have asked baKno to organize a tournament and here goes our first attempt. Right now, we are opening a 9-Ball competition for every player with a valid license. If you are interested please read details on this page. We expect to add a functionality to play deferred matches against forum users for this tournament. If so, all tournament matches will be replay-able at any time.

Carambola Hall of Fame
Explore the complexities found into what seems to be a simple game. 3 Balls looks easy but it is a real challenge, you just need to hit the other two balls with the cue ball, but in order to do it consistently shot after shot, you need to master cushions and spins. The best measure of a good Carambola player is the length of his best sequence. Take a look at the Hall of Fame and give it a try against the AI Player yourself.

Thank you again for supporting our development efforts.

the baKno team

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