Newsletter, March 2008

Dear Player,

This is our sixth monthly newsletter edition bringing important information about baKno's games.

New Game Released - SpacePig
This game is about a cartoon pig who lands on the moon and has to pick coins and diamonds by running, turning, jumping and flying all over the moon surface. SpacePig offers a fresh look and a relaxing playing experience; it comes with streaming background music (look for the song and artist on the satellite solar panels) and several other options to discover. We hope you like SpacePig as much as we do.

MacPool for the iPhone
As well as other developers are, baKno is very excited about the recent iPhone SDK release by Apple. Our first experimental project will be the migration of MacPool to work on the iPhone. We expect it to be fully compatible when playing online against Mac or Win versions.

Unregistered Games
We find this unbelievable but there are a few unregistered games out there. If you are receiving this newsletter is because you bought one of our games, and maybe you have not registered it yet. Sometimes our emails get filtered as spam and you may have not received your credentials to unlock the game. If this is your case please send us an email and we will resend your credentials.

MacPool Tournament
Several forum users have asked baKno to organize a tournament and here goes our second attempt. This time the registration fee is just $1 (we will refund current registrants). Still open is a 9-Ball competition for every player with a valid license. If you are interested please read the rules on this page and follow the registration procedure.

Thank you again for supporting our development efforts.

the baKno team

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