Newsletter, October 2014

How our desktop games work
All our desktop games are provided as free-to-try downloads from our website. When you try a baKno game, you will be able to test all functionalities and start countless new game sessions, but you will be prevented from finishing each game session. To unlock the unlimited version and be able to finish game sessions, you have 3 options:

Game License
The regular way to own a game that never expires. Unlocks a single game.
Game Coins
Are like arcade tokens, to play a full game session per coin. For all games.
Subscription Service
Enjoy unlimited play per month purchased. Unlocks all baKno games.

All baKno Games Promotion
Save money when purchasing promotional packages, with big value discounts starting at 50% off. There are packages for Licenses, Coins and Subscriptions, please visit the promotions page to check them out. The last one there is called Lifetime Subscription at an outstanding 99% discount. This package provides unlimited access to all our current and future desktop games.

Motorbike News
This week we released a new Motorbike version that can export your rides as a movie with video and sound. These movies play natively on Windows, Mac and Linux. We expect to use the same development to export videos from mobiles as well.

We are now starting to fiddle with trending platforms such as Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Oculus Rift. What we have seen looks very promising. Both consoles are extremely powerful and capable of running Motorbike at 1080p smoothly, with new riders, bikes, obstacles and graphic effects. And the virtual reality experience provided by the Rift is just mind blowing. We are very excited for what the future holds for Motorbike.

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