Newsletter, April 2008

Dear Player,

Please take a minute to read important information about baKno's games.

Online Deferred Match Mode
Online Real Time Match Mode is the way you have always played, but it demands your continuous attention, while the new deferred mode allows you to play whenever you have spare time. Additionally, with deferred mode, you always have access to your played game with a simple click.

MacPool 9.5
In this new version, we introduce two more ways to connect with players around the world in deferred mode: the Forum option which allows you to play against well known registered players (you can register also, it is free), and the Facebook option that allows you to play against your Facebook friends. Both options are simple to invite and update, since email notifications are sent automatically.

Skinnable MacPool
Drag and drop a picture and customize your game's appearance. Create your own skin or download any of the sample skins.

MacPinball 3.0
This version includes a fourth table (Crystal Table) with dual set of flippers, a trailing effect on the ball as an option, a reflective surface effect on some tables, and streaming background music with a growing song collection from various talented musicians.

SpacePig Reminder
This game offers a fresh look and a relaxing playing experience; it comes with streaming background music and several other options to discover. SpacePig is about a cartoon pig who lands on the moon and picks coins and diamonds by running, turning, jumping and flying all over the moon's surface.

Thank you again for supporting our development efforts.

the baKno team

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