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Thesaurus: cool, stylish, chic, up-to-the-minute, sophisticated; informal
trendy, funky, with it, hip, big, happening, groovy, phat, kicky, fly.

baKno is a game development studio based in Key Biscayne, FL. We are a group of video game enthusiasts committed to create engaging gaming experiences. We began publishing actively as baKno in 2006 and today, customers in more than 100 countries enjoy our games on a daily basis.

baKno develops casual games for desktop, mobile and console. Our game titles are provided from our website and popular application stores. We are proud to offer entertaining, top-quality games with the following characteristics:

• Playable by all ages on most computers and mobile devices
• Intuitive interface with online gaming made easy
• Challenging, educative and entertaining
• Superior graphic and sound quality
• Secure, installer-less applications

baKno is a registered and/or authorized developer for Apple, Amazon, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Nintendo, Samsung and Sony. We strive to provide exceptional customer service by listening to our customers and reacting diligently.

They Love our Games

  • Over 200 Testimonials

    "I recently installed your MahJong game from Steam and am very pleased so far. I was unhappy when my old Shanghai game stopped working on Windows, and it is great to have an attractive and responsive MahJong game again. One of the Steam reviews said that this is the best MahJong game on Steam and, based on reading reviews of all of them, I agree."

    Dave Henderson, USA

    I have tried 25 or 30 different Mahjong games, but I always come back to your Mahjong game, as it is the best there is. A real work of art. Bakno Games has raised the art of game playing to new heights. Thank you for the quality of your work! It is evident in every piece of software that you produce."
    Wayne Byerly, USA

    “By far the best, funniest, driving game ever. I'm loving it! The only game that doesn't get you all pissed off. Actually relaxing. Nice landscape, and the water is a rush. Awesome cars, paints, and tracks.”
    Vicki K, USA

    “Thank you very much for the superior service you have given. I had long conversations with Apple also but support was evidently not aware of their problem at the time. Again, thanks very much.”
    Darrell Dreyer, USA

    “Thank you for the update. But, most importantly, thank you for your prompt response to my problem. I am sure that I was not the only person contacting you that day. I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service.”
    Norma Jones, Canada

    “I was going to miss playing Mahjong on my PC when I changed to Mac. This game has a great selection of tiles, one which is all pictures. Really awesome graphics!. Additionally, I was concerned about a virus on my brand new Mac, but this was completely safe.”
    Linda Bawcom, USA

    “This is the best assortment of mahjong games I have ever come across on the net. There are so many variations and so many levels of expertise a person will never be bored. Thank you.”
    Ann Steinert, USA

    “My wife and I have played Yahtzee together for over 30 years. Either around a campsite with traditional dice and cup or any number of computer versions starting from an original DOS version on a 386. This is probably the best ever, so don’t change anything”
    Michael Parsons, Australia

    “My compliments for Motorbike. I've tested many similar games, but none comes even close. And another compliments to Ivi. I adore his tracks, they are tricky, but fair and absolutely breathtaking.”
    Caroline Jufré-Slotemaker, Switzerland

    “Motorbike is very entertaining, my kids enjoy it more than the likes of say Urban trial, Trial fusion and Extreme trial (bought them all for them so they can have a choice). So all I can say is keep up the good work and a BIG thank you on my part for taking care so well about your customers and developing games that are cross-platforms. In the name of my kids, we are very happy customers.”
    Vincent Garcia, France

    “I wanted to let you all know how much I enjoy playing MacPool. We purchased a game license about 4 years ago. It is bringing back memories of shooting 8 ball when I was growing up. Now that I am not physically able to shoot pool, it gives me a lot of enjoyment to have a good game. Thank you for the improvements to the game and for creating this very enjoyable, relaxing game. Thanks very much.”
    Andrew Lisenby, USA

    “Motorbike is a really awesome game, nice graphics, fine reality and very easy to make stunts. I love it!”
    Jose Rocha, Brazil

    “You have no idea how much MahJong means to my husband and to me. He is 74 years old and the game is helping to keep his mind sharp and active and keep him grounded in today. For this I thank you. You have reached out to touch the lives of some very special people in more ways than you know. It is really for some more than a game it is a rope grounding them to today and their loved ones.”
    Judy Morris, USA

    “Motorbike is a fantastic trials game. This is my kind of bike games, tackling ramps, rocks or anything that is thrown at me. Great bike physics, landscapes, controls, choice of bikes and bikers. Of course there is room for improvement, but so far just great. Motorbike rocks”
    Edgar Perez, USA

    “I've been playing baKno's Billiards on iMacs for about 3 years now—the graphics and the physics are particularly good. Better still is the great email contact I've had with the guys from baKno, prompt, friendly, and helpful.”
    Donald MacKenzie, Tasmania, Australia

    “Punk Trader is awesome!! It does a good job reflecting the stress and excitement of trading. A job well done!”
    Sasha Dove, USA

    “I use Billiards all the time on my iPhone and on my PC when I have a few minutes to relax between jobs. It is amazingly accurate and resembles my favorite Carambole game very closely”
    Micha Reisel, Israel

    “Thank you. This game just became my best chess app.”
    Gary Walker, USA

    “I love Motorbike. I have a Beta trials motorcycle and I compete on the national level in trials and your game is fun to play.”
    Marc Brooks, USA

    “Great games. I am 69 years old and my wife is 71 and we both are hooked.”
    Floyd Osborn, USA

    “Motorbike is the best game I’ve ever seen and I have almost every app in the app store. This app is amazing!”
    Davis Bowers, USA

    “Motorbike tiene muchos modos de citar tu propio escenario y divertirse haciendo niveles, algunos mas alucinantes que otros. Os lo recomiendo a todos.”
    Xavier Casiano, Spain

    “MahJong is a beautifully presented game - well done! The screen colours and tiles are fantastic!”
    Owen Corrigan, UK

    “Thank you so much baKno for your help, and for the speed of it. This is the fastest customer service I have ever received and it was so fast and so easy. I also love the games, they are great games. Thanks baKno.”
    Benjamin Straus, USA

    “Thank you for the new Solitaire. I am very happy with this card game and the music”
    Linda Hull, USA

    “Island Racer is a fun, very epic, and cool racing game. I could play the game about 100 times. If I would choose a baKno game, My favorie would be Island Racer”
    William Naylor-Leyland, UK

    “I just bought your Island Racer game and I love it. I'm really not a gamer type of person, this is the only game I have on my iMac but I really enjoy it, its much better than all those shooting games. I’d like to see some night driving on one of the scenes, but I still love it. Keep up the good work”
    Simon Jefferis, UK

    “Motorbike HD on iPad is the best of all the games, bravo for the team. The game is well thought and very well balanced, the gameplay is surprising and pleasurable, I spend great time with your invention.”
    Philippe Kwintner, France

    “Thank you very, very much for a very, very quick reply. With customer service like this, I don't even need to try the game. I'm going full version”
    Kenneth Kristiansen, Norway

    “Now that is what I call customer service! Why can't every company be like that? Thank you! Thank you! Have a wonderful day.”
    Amy ONeill, USA

    “You are a pleasure to text with. Usually I never get a response. Hats off to you because you respond immediately. Hopefully the problem will be fixed and my next text will be to thank you.”
    Arnie Shapiro, USA

    “Many thanks for the upgrade with the requested change. I'm very pleased. I'm so happy that your game gives me the ability to play again after so many years. I really have to say that your game gives me the feeling to be at and walk around the table again.”
    Jean Denis, Netherlands

    “Skript is very easy and pleasant to use, good graphics, simple and reliable controls.”
    Lawrence St Hill, Australia

    “All games are up and running perfect. Thank you so much for your help. I'm a big fan now of baKno Pinball and Billiards.”
    Jim Melton, USA

    “MacPool is so realistic that I find myself using body english after making a difficult shot! I truly enjoy playing it. I will certainly try to refer some of my friends to bakno.”
    Andrew Lisenby, USA

    “Thank you so much for your incredible customer service. I have never dealt with a company that is as focused on good service as yours. You guys are the best. Thanks again.”
    TJ Andersen, USA

    “I love Motorbike!. I used to ride trials bikes so it's really good that you have made the physics really quite realistic, well done!”
    Victor Wiggins, New Zealand

    “Thank you. You've provided the best customer service I’ve had in a long time. Good job.”
    Rob Cunningham, Canada

    “Thank you for your timely response my son was able to copy and paste the items and we are up and running. Motorbike is the best game in its genre by an unfair margin and we love it.”
    TJ Andersen, USA

    “Thanks again for your help. I am very impressed with your games and your customer service is awesome. Have a great day”
    John Andersen, USA

    “Thank you. That worked perfectly. I am now happily playing billiards with your very enjoyable game. Your game is excellent!!!”
    Michael Dlugos, USA

  • 151’st to 200 Testimonials

    “Thank you so very much. I have really missed playing this game. It helps to relax me before going to bed. Many many Thanks.”
    Janie Sherrill, USA

    “I just updated baKno solitaire and mahjong and I just wanted to say that I am very happy with the updates. A lot of the bugs that they had are gone now. I have them for mac and I bought them before the App Store was out. I wish that you guys could get some more positive reviews on the App Store because the games work pretty well. Thanks for the updates.”
    Ben Bruso, USA

    “I love this game. My parents passed away with Alzheimer's disease, and I play mahjong just to keep myself mentally alert. I know this is probably not the kind of feedback you want, but I am so thankful for this resource.”
    Thea Leutwyler, USA

    “Your email was exceedingly thoughtful. I am impressed. I will do whatever I can to rate your software positively. Be proud of your customer service.”
    James Young, USA

    “Excellent !! Good work !!! Superb customer focus !!! Bakno should be how all software companies run ! Well done !”
    David Pollard, United Kingdom

    “Your apps are really nice and good made”
    Gregory Spicher, Switzerland

    “I'm not a fan of bike games at all, but Motorbike has me enthralled. A superb realistic physics engine allows you to do all the tricks that a motocross biker would do around some fantastically designed courses. All with the simplicity of a few keys. I'm so glad I downloaded this game"
    David Pollard, United Kingdom

    “Your service is awesome to say the least. I don't have time for more games at present ("productivity" is up at work) but you are #1 on my list once I get to slow down, if that isn't a contradiction in terms. Many thanks from a devoted user and fan.”
    Jeff Kraus, USA

    “Billiards is terrific. It's really an amazing piece of software!”
    Bjørn Nake, Denmark

    “I'm 75 years old and always learning new things. When I was in the Army I had to learn to drive fast and off the road. Those skills help me with your Island Racer game as I found my self off the road.”
    Richard Anderson, USA

    “These games are awesome! Straight to the point and BS-clean. Frankly, I feel like wasting my time when other games start showing all sorts of characters, themes and fancy stories I don’t care about. They are just not my type. I am glad I found baKno!”
    Jeanice Roberts, USA

    “I am a disabled person, I can only use one switch with my foot. I use this switch with a on screen scanning keyboard which also allows me to operate the mouse arrow without touching the real mouse. Now the way BIlliards operates by placing the mouse on the white ball and then hold down the button works like a dream! Cheers”
    Steve Knight, United Kingdom

    “The music for your games is quite good. I think your games are worth the cost. The graphics are bright and colorful yet sophisticated. The Mahjong and Gems are just beautiful.”
    Vera Karger, USA

    “I do appreciate the various improvements over the time I have been playing MacPool. I can say the same for Pinball, the 2 games of your that find me sane.”
    Ronald Dahl, USA

    “Congratulations. Your Billiards game is a huge step for Mac pool gaming. As a MacPool game fan, I have been waiting for something like this for a very long time.”
    Tom Lewis, Canada

    “My game was published on Intel AppUp. Thanks for all the help and support!”
    Cezar Wagenheimer, Brazil

    “Thank you so very much for your reply and great customer service. My son and I played a couple of games of Chess and enjoyed it thoroughly.”
    Romano Robusto, Canada

    “I purchased Blast and I love it! I also love the music that came with it, my 5 year old loves it too.”
    Ruth Mok, Singapore

    “I would like to thank for your kindness and understanding in your fast response, and thoughtfulness in refunding my money.”
    Linda Sargant, United Kingdom

    “First of all congratulations for these simple but well designed games, beautiful graphics. I'm not a game fan, but searching games for my father I found yours and I decided to get some for me: Gems, MacPool, Solitaire and Xplorer.”
    Cristina Sampaio, Portugal

    “Thank you for fixing the Mahjong game. I enjoyed playing this afternoon. Thank you for a continuing, responsive and responsible company.”
    Marianne Hauck, USA

    “This game Blast is a lot of fun and would recommend it to others.”
    Scott Zahlman, USA

    “I was recently gifted the MahJong game, which I have been wanting for a while now. Take it from a guy who has played about 50 different types of mahjong games on several platforms, (Mac/PC, DS, Wii, PS3, iPhone) and your mahjong game is by far the best I have played so far. It is not gimmicky with power-ups and nonsense like that. It is just straight up mahjong and it is beautiful. So thank you for making a mahjong game I really, really enjoy playing.”
    Richard Patrick, USA

    “I am very impressed with the quality of the graphics and the display of MahJong HD for iPad. I am also impressed with how you resolved my complaint and turned a disgruntled customer into a very satisfied customer. This speaks well of how your organization do business. You have made me into a repeat customer”
    Harry Jennings, USA

    “I just wanted to thank you for your AppAble wrapper. With the help of your wrapper I have won the Best App to Replace Pen and Paper at the Intel Atom Developer Challenge”
    Fraser Hay, United Kingdom

    “Many thanks again. baKno client service is 5 stars!!”
    Octávio Paulo, Portugal

    “This is the second time you folks have helped me out when you really didn't have to. After what I have been through the past week, this is very refreshing in a software company. I wish you much success.”
    Jack Swindell, USA

    “Thanks for quickly assistance. Fantastic game and fantastic support.”
    Gian Franco Freguglia, Italy

    “Thanks for your patience, you’ve provided super service and helped me solve the problem. By the way, I love this game, very realistic and I know from practice as I've logged hundreds of hours playing Carambola on a real table as a kid.”
    Minh Truong, Canada

    “I was having some difficulty with Mac Pool and baKno support was both helpful as well as very patient. If something didn't work, he suggested something else. He went out of his way to make several suggestions, and take his time to trade e-mails back and forth in an effort to solve the problem. He wanted to be sure that the game worked as it should.”
    Larry Williams, USA

    “I'd like to congratulate you on such a magnificent game. MahJong is very impressive and far superior to anything else we've seen in that genre and my wife is thoroughly enjoying it.”
    Brian Compton, USA

    “I love MahJong. The graphics and music are beautiful. Each game is a piece of art that is able to stand alone in its beauty!”
    Elizabeth B. USA

    “I recently purchased your game Island Racer for casual use on my MacBook Pro. I'm no serious gamer, as a matter of fact this is the only game I own. I just thought it would be fun for when the kids are around.”
    Bill Willins, USA

    “I am a quadriplegic after a stroke. I was a better than average pool player. This new version of Billiards is fantastic. The cushion reaction is very realistic, and the ball reaction is very real. It is giving me hours of enjoyment.”
    Jerry Stukey, USA

    “Thanks! I do have to say that Solitaire has the nicest set of cards around, love the medieval ones. I also like MacJong, great graphics on the tiles and nice music.”
    Carrie Steyer, USA

    “I really do like Solitaire. Very good and fun to play.”
    Gayle Teague, USA

    “I love this game it is really fun. Island Racer is the best game ever.”
    Steven Etter, USA

    “Island Racer is a terrific game for all players. Exciting graphics, challenging race courses, and fun galore. I recommend it to everyone who loves race car games.”
    Gerry Nemeth, USA

    “I love Solitaire, the music is soothing and I love playing with the cards when I win a game. It was a nice surprise!”
    Janice Stark, USA

    “Love MacJong! At 75 years it helps keep my mind sharp. Only play insane, others no longer a challenge.”
    John Yorty, USA

    “I have been searching for a good solitaire game since I switched from PC to Mac. Yours is just about the best I have found.”
    Dave Trussell, USA

    “Solitaire c’est un jeu agréable et bien réalisé. Une information en français aurait été utile; mais l'ensemble est de qualité.”
    Jean-Yves Delort, France

    "I want to compliment you on Island Racer. What a great game! It's great to see that programmers outside of a big gaming company can come up with a really fun racing game with a good physics engine to boot. Keep up the good work!"
    Alex Oster, USA

    "Island Racer syns jeg er helt genialt. Det går til og med an å kjøre under vann. Jeg anbefaler dette spillet."
    Jørund Tilley, Norwey

    "After trying the demo version of Island Racer with my 6 year old son, I realized that we are equally amused playing the game together, each taking a turn. I bought the game and now we can spend plenty of time having fun. The best part of this game is that the car can go off track, climbing hills, dashing through forests, sliding sand dunes, and crossing bridges. The best part, when the car falls into a lake and you have to drive it up from the bottom of the lake to be on the road again. I have tried plenty of games that focus on race cars. By all standards this is the best. Many thanks for the customer support system. They mean business."
    Khaled Asfour, Egypt

    "Bravo for MacPool! It's screen is cleanly and colorfully organized and the ability to put variable english on my shots and choose the power of my stroke allows me to not only enjoy my game, but develop it. baKno rules! "
    Verne Varona, USA

    "I have never seen a better visual set up ever. Really it's top notch. Billiards is really too cool for words."
    Quin Trilian, USA

    "Congratulations on a stunning MacJong game."
    Derek Griffiths, United Kingdom

    “MacJong’s graphic arts are really superb, and this game is very restful for me.”
    Alain Pechmajou, France

    “I'm enjoying Gems. Very relaxing! Thanks again for your help!”
    Beth VanKirk, USA

  • 101’st to 150 Testimonials

    “You guys have done such a great job improving Billiards over the last year that I find that I would like to get two more licenses.”
    Ray Bentsen, USA

    “I get so much enjoyment from your games, I hope that very soon in the future I can afford to buy a license or subscribe. Keep up the good work!”
    Janet MacKay, Australia

    “Thanks so much for such a quick response. Awesome customer service. I am very impressed with the speed and responsiveness from your company. Makes me feel like it was money well spent!”
    Rachel White, USA

    “This Billiards game fits much more easily in my living room than a real table would.”
    Steve Hersee, USA

    “MacJong is excellent. I've played a lot of different versions of Mahjong and this is the most beautiful yet. Love the music too.”
    Susan Skinner, USA

    “Billiards is awesome. Can't ask for a better line-up of cue-ball games, including 3-ball and snooker. All of them are tremendously realistic; great physics. May be more enjoyable than the real thing.”
    Roberto Baron, USA

    “I think MacPool is fantastic, the graphics are amazing.”
    Jenny Garland, USA

    “Thank you very much for the prompt response and solution! This is why I like independent developers. Have a great day! And thank you for producing such excellent games.”
    Matt T, USA

    “Amigos de baKno, estoy disfrutando mucho del bellísimo MacJong. Estoy feliz de haberlo adquirido. Me sorprenden los maravillosos dibujos y la música me hace sentir en la China medieval. Saludos y felicitaciones por el trabajo.”
    Gloria Loyola, Chile

    “Thanks for your help. Great travel games on your web site.”
    Terry Feirer, USA

    “Wow, fast service! :-) Thank you very much. MacJong is a beautiful game with stunning graphics and exotic music. The prettiest Mahjong game on the internet. I'm sure I'll enjoy it very much.”
    Kristine G, Canada

    “The newest MacJong version works great. You are so very helpful, as usual. It is nice to have a responsive and responsible company to deal with. I'm sure there will be more games purchased in the future.”
    Marianne Hauck, USA

    "I was very impressed with how much effort you put in to resolving the problem and the speed of the help I received from you, I wish more companies were like that "
    Chris Pullan, UK

    “Just want to thank you personally for getting me back to the table so soon. I love this program and it plays fast and furious on my new Macbook Pro!”
    Jerry Jividen, USA

    “I have been fascinated with the smooth operation and simplicity of your MacPool game. It is the only Game I have ever played on the computer. I was at one time a very good pool player. Your game has a real feel if you can just slightly suspend belief. If anything it is a little too perfect.”
    Jerry Tierney, USA

    “I've been enjoying Keno Pool very much, it's a nice break in the middle of a very busy day.”
    S.R. Vernon, USA

    “You guys are simply the best. Maybe you'd like to know that in my company's staff courses I use baKno as an example of professionalism and optimal support.”
    Roger Abrantes, Denmark

    “I find Gems meditative and mesmerizing. The music creates a full great game experience.”
    Jill Fineberg, USA

    “Gems is a mesmerizing cascade of sparkling beauty. Impossible to stop.”
    Jane Woodgate, UK

    “I purchased both MacJong and Gems, and I have to say they are very beautiful.”
    Robert Rosenbrook, USA

    “Very nice software/game presentation.”
    Richard Lawson, UK

    “The presentation of Billiards assembled by baKno Games is a superb set, containing 9 Ball, 8 Ball, 3 Balls, Straight, and Snooker. Each game is extremely realistic, and just as difficult as the one in the smoke-filled tavern on the corner. When I tried to play "Minnesota Fats" as a youth, I was terrible. With Billiards I'm finally learning what I was doing wrong all those years. For those who like pool this set is dandy for learning how to do it right. The 3D visuals offer a variety of table colors, the instructions are clear, and the sound effects are perfect. It keeps good scores, and doesn't allow cheating. The price is very reasonable, and I don't see how there could be any better simulation anywhere.”
    Neil Barclay, USA

    “I'm loving MacJong. The design styles are particularly beautiful. Thanks for a nice looking game.”
    Gail Skeen, USA

    “I love baKno games. They are very creative and addictive.”
    Preston Lawing, USA

    “I am a 50 year old who was diagnosed with Parkinksons disease a few years ago. Playing computer games such as Gems seems to help with my fine motor skills. I appreciate the people who design these games to be easy (physically) but have some challenging aspects also.”
    Jen Holliday, USA

    “Thank you so much for all the help! I did it I did it I did it! You have taught me how to "paste", I am now a pool playing fool. Thank you so much again for all of your time . Tell your boss that I said you deserve a raise.”
    Douglas Johnson, USA

    “WOW! That was quick. I've never got such a fast and helpful response from any other company online or offline. Thanks for your help, it worked first try. Much appreciated.”
    Sean Stewart, Canada

    “I want to say, Color Sudoku is great game. Amazing how the colors make Sudoku so much easier and more interesting, at least for me. I don't know who came up with this idea, but whoever it was... was brilliant!”
    Pat Kennedy, USA

    “We are thoroughly satisfied with the fine game of MacJong. We prefer gentle, quieter games for relaxation and MacJong is just right. We are going to have to try some of your other games in the near future.”
    Roy Fowlkes, USA

    “Thank you very much. You are the best on line help I have ever seen. You can be proud.”
    Allen Berry, USA

    “I find very cool to see other guys with the passion to create their own skin designs in honor of this great game that MacPool is.”
    Richard Banz, USA

    “Domino is a wonderfully designed game. It looks better than some boxed big name companies. You should be very proud of its look and feel.”
    Tom Canaday, USA

    "I was quite surprised when I sent a message on Christmas Day and got a response the very next day. You must be the most responsible guys around."
    John Grover, USA

    “Our family are MacPool crazy! We played all day Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanks again.”
    Robert Holman, USA

    “I keep an exhaustive list of everything existing for the mahjong on the macintosh at and your game MacJong is so wonderfully made, graphics are simply the best I’ve ever seen for this kind of game”
    Jo Vandeweghe, Belgium

    “Just enjoyed playing Gems hugely. The graphics are simply amazing, far better than any other graphics that I have come across, and the music is relaxing and very easy to listen to, without getting that monotonous feeling as you go through the games.”
    Ann Marie Howarth, USA

    “I truly appreciate your swift response to the situation. It is pleasant doing business with your company. In these times of fraud so rampant it is nice to find honest and sincere people as yourself and company. Thanks once again for your assistance. PS: Love the game”
    Charles Hansen, USA

    “Votre jeu de simulation de billard est bien conçu au niveau de la simulation de trajectoire des boules.”
    Philippe Papeil-Lalande, France

    "Your R&D is very impressive. I have not played real Snooker for years. But this simulation is so accurate, it has me saying to myself, 'How did I miss that shot.' Just like real life Snooker."
    Peter Gravette, Australia

    “I am truly grateful to baKno for the game Xplorer. As a disabled pensioner who spends many hours awake caused by pain, I have found that playing your games not only helps me forget the pain, but I also get so much enjoyment.”
    Martin Loughran, Australia

    “I think Billiards is awesome. Well done, you have outdone yourselves!”
    Leslie McGregor, Australia

    “I have purchased many games since all the big titles, but I always come back to MacPool sort of like that comfortable chair you dont want to get rid of. It has a realistic feel, and since it is so hard to get out and play, this is the closest thing. I also have to say that your tech support is A1, there are not many people out there like that anymore, and I really enjoy dealing with a quality group like you guys.”
    Francisco Toro, USA

    “I enjoy MacPool tremendously. I'm a pretty decent pool player, and MacPool's realism has helped me to up my game on a real pool table”
    Roger Abrantes, Denmark

    “Thank you very much for your help I am so enjoying Xplorer. My husband has one similar to this on his pc so I had to get this for mine.”
    Deidre Hughes, USA

    “Billiards is a wonderful game. The physics are very realistic and fun to watch. Good job!”
    Wendy Dunham, USA

    "I teach 10 - 15 year olds who struggle with numeracy and literacy and I find that getting them to hunt for things on Xplorer seems to speed up their mental processes and willingness to extend their learning... and they find it fun too!"
    Sam Pritchard, United Kingdom

    “Thanks for your support. This game is a class above MacPool.”
    John Summers, Australia

    "Carambola is the perfect French billiard game I've been looking for. The game is very well designed, with play and simulation being very realistic. Technical support of baKno staff is also superb; very prompt, responsive and friendly. Keep up the great work!"
    Mahmoud Khattab, United Arab Emirates

    "Still enjoy the Domino game. Great veg. out when I first get home from work."
    Anne W. Australia

    "Exquisita rapidez y seriedad en el trato comercial. Por otro lado, los juegos que he adquirido, en concreto los de la opción MacPool me han impresionado por su calidad de diseño, y por su estabilidad."
    Juan Alberto Martín, Spain

  • 51’st to 100 Testimonials

    "Thanks so very much for the prompt response. I absolutely love the game, and I think it's by far the best pool sim ever created."
    Kevin Olson, USA

    "I have many games installed on my Mac, but when I have a spare moment I always seem to open MacPool first. The gameplay is incredibly realistic and it's genuinely beautiful to look at. Killer game!"
    Bradley Cooper, South Africa

    "Having used MacPool for a few years now, it just gets better and better and is still the best pool game around. Thanks baKno, your work is appreciated and well received. Keep it up."
    Tim Gainey, United Kingdom

    "If you enjoy playing Texas Hold'em Poker, I strongly recommend Kasino. With easy-to-use controls that supply all of the fun of a real-life poker game, and with customization options that let you make the game look the way you want it to, you'll find yourself using this game daily. All in all, I would give Kasino two thumbs up."
    Nick Grau, USA

    "For someone who has only played a bit of Kelly Pool in her misspent youth, MacPool is perfect for training with the way it shows you the angle and the strength of shot required."
    Helen McCoppin, Australia

    "It appears that in its design, Carambola has had the input of a professional billiard player. The game is amazingly realistic, like actual playing conditions. Nice work."
    Lynn Brown, USA

    "I am a fan of playing Carambole and so it is great to play it also at the computer."
    Stefan Scheicher, Australia

    "Just months ago I purchased my first computer and a game called MacPool. WOW, I never expected all this to come with it."
    Mitchell Ducross, USA

    "Thank you, it works perfect man. Thanks for the fast response. I love playing MacPool."
    Pete Young, USA

    "Thank you so much for the great game MacPool. I used to play 9 ball a lot in my younger days in tournaments, and the ability to have matches with all types of folks around the world is fascinating to say the least. The consistency of the game as it relates to english and cushion rebound is awesome. Thanks for the technology, I sure do get a lot for my money!"
    Frank Iafolla, USA

    "Thanks for responding so quickly. I like the game and the way you do business."
    Jack Swindell, USA

    "I was amazed at being sent the e-mail with code to unlock the pinball game so fast. Love the different game boards to chose from. My favorite is plastic. I thank you for making such a great game."
    Gayla Byrum, USA

    "I must say that MacPinball is the more original and pleasant game I ever try on a computer. Tenez bon la barre as we use to say in france for You're on the good way."
    Jacques Philippe, France

    "I very much like the look and feel of the version 3 Update for MacPinball! Especially the brand new crystal table. Thanks a lot for your great work."
    Serge Kocher, Switzerland

    "Thank you so much! Once again you have out done yourself. What a wonderful game and so much more. I am addicted to MacPool. Love the new skin option and the new skins."
    Edward Melendez, USA

    "We just purchased the Pinball game, my hubby loves the music and sound effects, and we both like the graphics, WOW! I'm sure hubby will have hours of fun on it and I will too, when I have time."
    Jeanne Schneider, USA

    "I will try to remember to sleep and eat here and then meanwhile I am playing ;-)"
    Otto Romanowski, Finland

    "Thank you for continually improving the game Snooker."
    Paul Belfiglio, USA

    "MacPool is fantastic and as real as you can get. You need the same "eye" and knowledge of how to position the cue ball as in the game on the table, making it as challenging as the real thing... I love it."
    Dan A, USA

    "Thank you for such a marvelous game. It´s the best thing I discovered since the beginning of internet. My 5 year old daughter loves it too. I have been playing with people all over the world. Sometimes I can´t go to bed before playing at least one game."
    Andreas Kemper, Chile

    "It is refreshing to see that not all start-up companies are just in it for the money. I will be checking out your other new products, as it is a pleasure dealing with an honest company. Keep up the good work."
    Robert Klinger, USA

    "Ich finde das MacPool ein tolles Spiel. Ich liebe es. Manchmal muss ich achtgeben dass ich nicht zu viel Zeit damit verbringe. Aber es ist sehr entspannend damit zu spielen."
    Evelyne Gabaglio, Switzerland

    "I cannot express how important this game is to me and my friends and family. You would laugh if you saw us all huddled around the Mac, screaming, cussing and having a good time playing MacPool."
    Robert Holman, USA

    "I am buying MacPool for my mom and brother, they are absolutely going to love it! I'm not much of a game person myself, but I confess, I'm buying the double seat license so I can play too. I especially love the sounds and special effects. MacPool is truly a quality product! I will recommend baKno to any of my friends who game."
    Leslie Charles, USA

    "I enjoy your application and am very pleased that you have added Snooker."
    Jeff Moskovitz, USA

    "Many thanks for the swift action. We are enjoying the game! Will buy more in the future."
    Halim Rahim, Malaysia

    "Thank you very much for your quick reply and comments! I appreciate your good customer service."
    Jaakko Koskentola, Finland

    "Good customer service also!  I love companies that actually answer my e-mails, and in good, timely fashion!"
    Leslie Baird, USA

    "Cuando me baje el demo de MacPool para ver de que se trata, me lleve una gran sorpresa al jugar mi primer partido, no dudé en comprar dicho juego por su interactividad, los colores, el sonido y el sistema que realmente es muy facil de jugar. Gracias por poner a nuestro alcance juegos como estos. A ver que mas inventan!!!"
    Antonio Urdapilleta, Mexico

    "After 8 uninterrupted hours of gameplay with a good friend now I'm totally sure: MacPool es pura diversión!!!"
    Adrián Alvarado, Mexico

    "I used to shoot pool a lot when in high school, college and as an adult. But now I suffer from a condition called multiple chemical sensitivities and I can no longer have the fun and enjoyment of going into a pool room. Your game allows me to recapture a past time I loved and enjoyed. Thanks."
    Harry Valentine, USA

    "Thank you again for your assistance and honesty. You have an excellent product and one very satisfied customer. I'm a 72 year old retired Mathematics professor from the University System of Georgia and really enjoy the geometry of the game."
    Don Williams, USA

    "I love MacPinball... One of the few things I missed about my PC."
    Jeanette Garretty, USA

    "MacPool is so much fun and so realistic it's hard to quit playing. I am not a game player and have refused to get into computer games, it just never appealed to me. In fact the first thing I did when I got my mac was delete the Chess game that comes standard. But this is surely going to stay. Thanks again very much !!!"
    James Davis, USA

    "In the vast world of online gaming, your creations are unique and in a class all their own. We LOVE your games!"
    Karin Meidel, USA

    "I am using your MacPool game for several months. This game is absolutely great."
    Oleg Panoff, France

    "The new MacPool version is much better. Very good feeling."
    Björn Barnekow, Germany

    "Thanks folks!  And, keep making great games for some of us "older" folks.  I can't remember who I am in those RPGs.  ;)"
    Zeek Duff, USA

    "Thanks for your help. I'm addicted to your game!"
    Jody Ahern, Canada

    "Ich bin von Mac-Pool und der tollen Grafik begeistert, dass Spiel hat einen hohen Unterhaltungswert und hat mir schon viel Spaß gebracht und das zu einem fairen Preis. Ich freue mich schon auf den neuen Flipper."
    Uwe Kehrbein, Germany

    "I completely appreciate the frequent updates, sometimes I say "how wonderful!" sometimes I say "what the heck!", but always I think, here are people working to make a better, more attractive, more entertaining and satisfying product. Thank you."
    Harry Bolles, USA

    "Je vous remercie beaucoup de votre aide, je ne sais pas pourquoi j'aime beaucoup ce jeu."
    Elisabeth Weissenbacher, Luxemburg

    "I love MacPool, it's a lot of fun, especially since you added 8 Ball."
    Joseph Bacon, USA

    "I am a musician and rarely play games, but MacPool is a winner."
    John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Keyboards, THE WHO

    "MacPool is a good game. Very stress relieving. Good job."
    Ari Brown, USA

    "Ich spiele IhrSpiel Carambola sehr gerne. Wunderbare Simulation."
    Wolfgang Roth, Germany

    "Listen, you have a fantastic game. Really, really cool."
    James Aldridge, United Kingdom

    "WOW! Enhorabuena por esta nueva versión de MacPool 8.0. Ha sido un grata sorpresa que decidieras incluir el juego 8Ball en MacPool. Gracias!"
    Rocio Aguilar, Spain

    "MacPool is a remarkable compact and functional game. It runs on every CPU so you do not have to have the latest machine. The game plays well, UI is compact and clean, so everything is effective. I recommend the game for anyone who likes to play or learn to play Pool games."
    Otto Romanowski, Finland

    "Nicely designed game. Will buy it definitely. Great job you've done!"
    Gregor Cvetko, Slovenia

  • First 50 Testimonials

    "เกม์ส์นี้สนุกดีครับ  เล่นก็ง่าย และภาพกราฟฟิค สวยงาม แต่หากเป็นไปได้ เราอยากได้เกมส์ สนุกเกอร์อีกด้วยครับ"
    Rafael Rios, Thailand

    "Your game rocks!"
    Kristen Collins, USA

    "Es genial poder jugar al billar en mi Mac contra mi novia en su PC. Un juego rápido y divertido, ideal para pasar esos tiempos muertos en la oficina o mientras esperas a que llegue el bus"
    Javier Lara, Spain

    "Thanks for your superb service!"
    Richard Miwa, USA

    "Thank you for your continuing effort for improvement. It is obvious that you care about your product"
    William Dyer, USA

    "Thanks for a really great game"
    Tony Sweet, USA

    "Quiero felicitar a todo el equipo de baKno por el nuevo upgrade. Si antes estaba adicto al juego, ahora con el chat window ni hambre voy a tener. Considero que el juego se puso muchisimo mas interesante y mas amistoso por que ya puedes intercambiar ideas y jugadas con tus contrincantes favoritos"
    Robert Valencia, USA

    "Great Games, Great software company!!!"
    Ernesto Marques, USA

    "Good stable games for the mac that don't need a huge learning curve are just what we need. Keep up the good work."
    Max Bygrave, USA

    "I find playing MacPool to be very relaxing, it takes my mind off my worries and does offer me relaxation"
    Terence Neill, USA

    "Los felicito, han creado una excelente versión del juego Domino que tantos disfrutamos en esta isla Caribeña"
    Gabriel Fuentes, Puerto Rico

    "This is an interesting version of the game. I like it. I find that I see the patterns much better. I think that I have more trouble solving regular Sudoku because the numbers confuse me"
    DeeAnne K. Lau, USA

    "What a brilliant game, I really enjoyed playing the demo"
    Richard Andrew Goodall, United Kingdom

    "Este juego esta baknisssimo, bien por esa"
    Robert Valencia, USA

    "I really love this product!"
    Julia Blackwell, USA

    "Thank you so much for your help. Your customer service is the best I have ever dealt with. Thanks again!"
    Kip Tremain, USA

    "I enjoy the MacPool game, it's very well done"
    Charley Williams, USA

    "Just got my MacBook and wanted a game to play and relax. I saw MacPool and thought it would be worth a look. I downloaded the game and found it to be just what I was looking for. Great graphics and easy game play. I highly recomend this game to anyone who is looking for a fun game with lots of nice extras."
    Jim Pasquinelli, USA

    "I don't play computer games. MacPool is the first game that has ever held my attention. Looking forward to more."
    Dyke Bennett, USA

    "Thank you so much. Love the game, great graphics etc."
    Janet Lacey, United Kingdom

    "Cuando baje el demo y lo probe por 10 minutos, no quedó mas remedio que comprarlo, se puede jugar solo o tambien en linea, es tan real que parece que estas jugando en una mesa de billar de verdad"
    Alfonso de la Parra, Mexico

    "This is without question the best $10 I have spent in a very long time. Your customer service support is outstanding and I really appreciate your patience and professionalism. It is rare to speak with any rep from AOL to Symantec who knows squat about Macintosh. What a breath of fresh air you are!"
    Robert Fahnrich, USA

    "Your customer service is fantastic!"
    Jeff Kraus, USA

    "I love your games!"
    Dylan Weber, USA

    "MacPool is a great fun, but more than that, you feel it as real as if you are in a Billiard Room, God bless you for that creative genius effort for programming such game, and keep going"
    Niazi Taher, Egypt

    "Thank you for your assistance. I always need some down-time from daily stresses. MacPool is now one of my favorite stress relievers. Re-focusing on something light-hearted and conquerable is good medicine!!!"
    Gloria Chorey, USA

    "Thanks for the help, yeah I am enjoying the game and turning my friends on to it. Having a gas playing with my brother in Johannesburg and others as well"
    Henri DonJeany, Switzerland

    "I do really dig the game play! Thank you for all of your hard work"
    Don Tillman, USA

    "I have been very happy with MacPool and just wanted to take a moment to tell you how great I think your game is. Keep up the great development. I am impressed by the number of improvements you continue to offer for free"
    Andrew Clearwater, USA

    "Your game is very realistic and great solo fun"
    Mark Ellman, USA

    "I really enjoy the physics, the feel and particularly the design of the game. And it's a fantastically slim application which you can start within two seconds to have a little play"
    David Kregenow, Germany

    "MacPool is the closest I'll ever get to play with Allison Fisher!"
    Geoff Spenceley, USA

    "Thank you so much for helping me so quickly! My son and I have been playing and playing, having tons of fun!!!  I think this is a great game to help young kids (age 6) with understanding angles and trajectory"
    James Green, USA

    "MacPool is so realistic and fun to play again and again. It helps me to spend the boring working time. Thank you, baKno!!!"
    Li-Wei Kuo, Taiwan

    "These games rock my pants!!!!! I turned down doing things to my girlfriend to play these games"
    a.k.a Lance Manly, USA

    "Thank you so much for your help, MacPool is really nice and looks awesome, well done!"
    Stefan Alexiev, Sweden

    "Thanks for the unbelievable quick response!"
    Michael Hucal, USA

    "My New favorite game even more so then Halo. Nice job"
    Scott Shaffer, USA

    "I'm loving the ability to play online with MacPool and all the improvements so far. Thanks for a great game!"
    Erik Bjorling, USA

    "Not only is MacPool extremely innovative, but Bakno cleared up 2 Paypal problems in about ten minutes. Excellent people to do business with. Thank you."
    Karen Bedford, USA

    "Thank you for creating MacPool. What a wonderful program. The simulation of 9 ball is great and the action of the balls are terrific and perfectly correlated to the real deal. It is a pleasure to find a program that keeps my skills fresh and is easy and lots of fun to play."
    Scott Shaffer, USA

    "I am really amazed at playing MacPool, at the ability to apply english(spin) to the ball. I am enjoying this game and can't say enough about the customer service. Requested a Save feature to be added, they replied and added the feature the same day. Great Mac software!! "
    David Gerhardt, USA

    "As a novice player, I thoroughly enjoy playing MacPool and found the buying experience extremely simple, due to their use of PayPal for payment. Since I've often been frustrated downloading other games for my Mac, I highly recommend this game for Mac OS X users."
    Susan Wise, USA

    "Congratulation for your excellent MacPool. Carambola is the best Billiard with 3 balls I have ever seen, with real sound and smooth moves. Keep on, I wish you strength and luck."
    Nikos Mavrakis, Greece

    "Thank you, thank you very much for making the pool game. I am legally blind and so nearly all games are impossible for me to use except pool sims games. Again, thank you for making a small dream true to have some fun once in awhile at last. Keep it up."
    Andrew Meit, USA

    "I love Color Sudoku!  I’m an artist, so I much prefer doing the game in colors versus numbers.  And the customer service is fantastic!  I requested a version without the timer – because I find playing Color Sudoku very meditative – and I got it within two hours!!!  Love this company!"
    Donna Taggert, USA

    "Bravissimo for Carambola"
    Jean-Louis Valero, France

    "Carambola me gusta y sobre todo jugándolo en linea con mi nieto es muy divertido. Yo jugué muchísimo billar de 3 bandas cuando joven, es quizás el deporte que mas me ha gustado y he jugado mejor. Te felicito por el trabajo que has hecho."
    Manuel Núñez, Venezuela

    "I really enjoy these games."
    David Franco, USA

    "Thank you for your timely reply. You are obviously a company that takes care of their customers, and when I am in the market for another game I will check out your site first."
    Lori Sjoquist, USA

    "Carambola me permite despuntar el vicio con creces y estudiar efectos, direcciones, velocidades, etc., ademas de divertirme mucho. Felicitaciones!"
    Nicolas Guerrieri, Argentina

    "I love Carambola. I find the possible angles/shots fascinating."
    James Toler, USA

    " I just tried out baKno, and I love your games. Thanks for the fun times."
    Ted Wood, Canada

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