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    Perspectrip gameplay in scoring mode
    Perspectrip gameplay with some figures assembled
    Perspectrip gameplay with no figures assembled
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Perspectrip 1.1

Challenge your spatial abilities with Perspectrip, a mind-blowing puzzle game that will captivate you from the first play. In this visually stunning 3D world, simple shapes are scattered as floating pieces, awaiting your skillful manipulation. By strategically rotating the camera, you must find the perfect angles to align the pieces and reconstruct the shapes. As each shape comes together, it disappears, earning you valuable points and rewarding your keen eye for spatial relationships.

Perspectrip offers an easy-to-learn, yet difficult-to-master gameplay experience. Be cautious not to let the pieces accumulate, as this can lead to a game over. To boost your scoring potential and maintain your momentum, strategically utilize the white power-ups strategically placed throughout the game. Compete against players worldwide and showcase your skills on baKno's Top Players list. Get ready for addictive gameplay, stunning visuals, and a challenge that will push your spatial awareness to new heights.

Download and Play


    Download Perspectrip for free from our website and enjoy endless gaming fun. Unlock unlimited gameplay by purchasing the full version either within the game itself or on this webpage below. Perspectrip is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


    Get Perspectrip on your mobile device by downloading it for free from various application stores. Simply choose your preferred store, install Perspectrip, and start enjoying the fun. If you're hooked, you can unlock unlimited gaming by purchasing within the game.


    Perspectrip for desktop can be found on application stores as well, offering different download options. Some stores provide a free download, while others may require an upfront purchase. Explore your preferred store to access Perspectrip and start playing today.

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When you try Perspectrip, you are able to test all functionalities and start countless new sessions, but you are prevented from finishing a session. To be able to finish a Perspectrip session you have 3 options. License is the regular way to own a game permanently. Tokens are pay-per-play mode in which each match has a 10-cent value. And a Subscription unlocks all baKno games during one month.

Compare your Scores

Perspectrip's top score medal
    Player Score
1.   Maverick4,765
2.   Ricardo3,990
3.   Camilo1,750
4.   Santiago1,750
5.   Oscar1,100
6.   Andres600
7.   Adrian400
8.   Javier 375
9.   JohanzhouHD345
10.   Ryan160
11.   Lucho10

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